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Your organisation can achieve true Agility and benefit from the mindset that Agility brings. The journey inolves transforming to being Agile over Doing Agile; there isnt a magic switch but a journey that is worth embarking on.

Being Agile will deliver

Increased Engagement at Work
At the core of Agile practices are techniques that helps bring transparency to work process and when done properly involves every one in the organisation; this leads to increased engagement within the workforce.
Environment for continuous Learning
Your organisation cannot be said to be agile, if the processes in place do not create an environment for the entire organisation to learn and within a small space of time.
Increased Customer Satisfaction
A highly motivated and enagage team coupled with an environment that is designed for continuous learning can only lead to high probabilies of delivering value to the Customer and in turn leads to Increased customer satisfaction.
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Agile Team Coaching

Far too many products delivery teams are “Doing Agile” rather than “Being Agile”, this means that the “Agile Rituals” are being done but Agile doesn’t seem to be delivering on it’s promise. The Principles of Agile are very simple but take a long time to be consistent in its application to every aspect of Delivery. Our Agile coaches apply their extensive knowledge of Agile principles and framework to guide struggling individual and teams.

Our mission is to unlock the potentials in every individual and team so that they can continue to deliver better products faster. Our Agile coaches engage with your team in a number of roles as Agile Coaches, Scrum Master and sometime as Delivery Managers; the mission remains the same regardless of the role that is being filled with one of our coaches.

Agile Enterprise Coaching

Efforts to embark on Agility at the team level especially when it doesn’t involve the whole organisation could be an uphill battle; we advise our clients that in other to deliver sustainable and long-lasting change, agility should be introduced using a “whole organisation” approach to agility. This approach however comes with it own sets of challenges which might be familiar to you.

Typical challenges faced includes:
  • Resistance at different levels within the organisation.
  • Organisational structure & culture that is not optimised for Agility.
  • Disjointed perceptions of the current and the future state for the Organisation across the Organisation.

Our Enterprise Agility coaches have helped a lot of organisation to navigate these kinds of challenges to deliver true agility across the enterprise by leverage their experience and skills in Large scale facilitation, co-creation of outcomes and the use of experimentation across the enterprise.

Agile Consultancy

Continuous Integration / Continous Delivery
A central theme to application delivery with any Agile Framework is the enabling teams to build better products faster. There are a number of techniques that would make these possible.
  • Automation: Teams need to automate the build processes including integration, the testing & quality checks and also the deployment processes.
  • Transparency: The development teams need to know as soon as possible when a change has introduced defects or any other quality issues to product increment to be released.
Our consultants have implemented and supported many organisations with their CI/CD Implementation. Our typical process would involve:
  • An evaluation of the current state including tools / technology being used.
  • Design a strategy for CI/CD including covering any gaps in automated checks.
  • Tools selection including cloud services for CI/CD.
  • Coach Development team on Agile Testing Mindset and practices.
  • Post Implementation support for Development Teams

Behaviour Driven Development Training
Behaviour Driven Development is an Agile Development practise that fosters collaboration between the Business and the Development teams. It encourages communication based on the expected behaviour of the product to be implmented and subsequently enables the team to capture requirements as specification which can then be automated by the Development Team. Some of the topic that are covered include:
  • Principles of BDD
  • Imperative and Declarative Acceptance Criteria
  • Vertical Slicing of User stories
  • Behaviour Driven Development Tools

Agile Fundamentals (Working as part of an Agile Team).
This training covers the fundamentals of working using any Agile Methodology and is particular targetted for team that are new to Agile. The training introduces some of the popular Agile Frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban. Attendees will have gained have sufficient knowledge to work in a team that has adopted any of the Agile frameworks that was covered as part of the training.
  • Agile Principles
  • Agile vs Traditional methodology
  • Risk Management in Agile
  • Scrum Pillars and Scrum Values
  • Kanban
  • Roles within an Agile Team (Agile BA, Developer & Tester)
  • Estimation & Planning
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Client Feedback

We could not get a proper cadence of releases going, release were always pushed back with little or no accountability. The Agile coach (Sam) came in and worked with us to understand the situation, asked questions and helped us create a culture that helped ensure that we could release the product weekly. Finally, we got the product out to the users. We were stuck for almost 2 years, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

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